Multi-Button Controllers & SmartThings

I have another post stating my desire to have multi-button controller support within ST but until that happens I was wondering if anyone could tell me what controllers this community has been able to get to work with ST. It doesn’t look like ST will have built in support in the near future and was hoping others got one or more (a selection preferably) to work. Also, if there are any could you let me know how?

I think this community is making waiting for ST to get their act together worth it as that seems to be the only outward development going on.

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Aeon Minimote with button controller up is one that I use and can be linked to hello home actions too.

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I have one of those but I am looking for ones to mount in a gang box or just on a wall and a tabletop (end table, night stand, etc.).

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The new Logitech Harmony Home Control Hub’s have integration with Smarthings and you can program up to 4 buttons to perform actions. I use it with my ZWave lights and Hue Light Strips.

The Leviton VRCS4 has been made to work (4 buttons in Decora style), and so has the Enerwave ZWN-SC7 (7 buttons, also Decora). Both of those are for gang boxes, single switch size. Device Types can be found in this thread and this thread.

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Here is another 3-button system that could be good on a wall or tabletop: Wireless, Battery Operated Wall Switch

Here is a 7 button

Thank you all for the information. I would prefer for ST to have built in support for these and many others I’ve seen online. I’ll hope this happens and hope we don’t have to wait too long.