Wall Mote Quad

Wie kan mij in simpele bewoording uitleggen hoe ik mijn Wall Mote Quad werkend krijg op mijn Smart Things Hub V2

Ik wil de vier knoppen gebruiken voor aan/uit en dimmen via schuiven van verlichting. Op dit moment krijg ik het voor elkaar om alleen via knop 1 en 3 verlichting aan/uit te zetten en via ingedrukt houden kan ik de verlichting op bijvoorbeeld 30% zetten (dimmen via schuiven werkt niet) Knop 2 en 4 werken meer niet dan wel! Hoe krijg ik dit apparaat op een simpele manier werkend?

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I can read Dutch, but I cannot write it, so I hope you can translate this.

It is very sad, but the short answer is that smartthings does not support the slide to dim on this device. :disappointed_relieved: You Can confirm this with Aeotec support.

So what you are seeing for the slide is the expected performance with SmartThings.

Since only two of the four buttons are working for you, I wonder if somehow it is being recognized as the two button version instead of the four button version? Again, hopefully Aeotec support could help you.

Thx for the answer’

Weet iemand een alternatief voor een 4-kanaals schakelaar met de functie aan/uit en dimmen door de knop ingedrukt te houden.? Welke functioneerd op de Smartthings hub?

The tricky part is finding a 4 button device that has dimming. Most of the ones that have dimming don’t work with SmartThings right now because it’s very hard to get the timing right if everything isn’t done locally. :thinking:

The good news is that there should be many more devices to choose from soon as more companies support the new Matter protocol. And most of those devices will run locally. So dimming is more likely to be supported. Also, the integration with these devices should be very simple.

So unless someone else knows of one that works right now, my suggestion would be just to wait and see what new devices offer SmartThings compatibility through Matter. These are most likely to be using Thread. Or Zigbee via a bridge. Probably not Zwave.

So we may see good options from IKEA or Aqara soon. They just aren’t here yet.