Aeotec wall mote quad: help needed for initial setup

Hi all,ive just purchased 2 walmotes with the intention of using them in my new kitchen for the lighting.
Now i thought connecting/intergrating them would be a breeze…how wrong could i have been.

I’ve paired just the one so i can get used to it before setting up the second.
The problem i have now is thats its no very responsive when touching it it to turn a light on or when holding it to turn off and tying to work out the dimming functions is a non starter.

paired with smartthings hub
device handler added to ide
automations setup using both smartthings apps

If anyone has experience with this wall switch could you please give me some guidance.

many thanks Kev

Which DTH are you using? You will usually get the quickest answers for questions like this if you ask in the author thread for that DTH.

Hi JD again hope your well.
I found the dth while watching a YouTube video on how to set these switches/buttons up.
How would I find that info out🤔

Cheers kev

Go into the IDE and select the DTH you loaded. You’ll see identifying information at the top. I’m using the one from Author: Eric Maycock (erocm123).

If that is the one you are using, then take a look at this thread:


Cheers for that I’ll take a look later.

Cheers kev

Hi Bryan I took a look at the link you provided and read the lot,interesting. But could I ask a few questions.
1how do you update the firmware if needed on these switches.
2.what benefits would you get if you used aeotecs z stick with this switch.
3.Aeotec states that this switch has 4 different dimming zones but as I’ve read nobody can get it working so if the websites says it has this function how do we get it to work🤔.
Many thanks kev

Sorry, but I can’t be of much help with your questions.

I haven’t updated firmware on WallMotes, as they are working fine for my purposes with the current firmware. I haven’t used a z stick, but I’d expect that might allow you to update the firmware if available.

I just use my WallMotes for on/off functionality. I haven’t tried dimming with them.

Morning all,I think I’m going to return these switches. The more I use them the more laggy they seem to be. It’s seems to be when they wake up my presses are not recognised for a short time then it seems to catch up. Also because I’m running lifx bulbs and there not z wave I cannot utilise the dimming functions so for £50 each there a bit of a waste of money unless someone can advise me otherwise.
Now if they go back I’m back to square one in the search for a switch that can control my smart bulbs.

Cheers kev