Wakeup event from "wait" not always executing

Hi all,

I have a piston that use to work just fine but has stopped working well for a little while now. After some debugging, I can see that I sometimes don’t get the wakeup event from executing the “wait” instruction. Here is the code that I am running.


In the following log, we see a wakeup time set, but my piston doesn’t get the event. You can see the next event is significantly after the wakeup time.

Any ideas why this is not working?



probably should ask on webcore forum.

You can workaround it, add a cleanup step, or design so it won’t matter.

Often when something goes wrong with a ‘wait’ it is because the conditional that caused it to run has changed and the default Task Cancellation Policy kicks in and kills the task. I don’t know if that is likely to be a factor here if it used to work find and nothing has changed.

One sort of conditional that will often cause problems is a trigger like ‘changes to closed’ as that is only true for a short while before being reset. I don’t know how long but I’ve seen ten seconds suggested.

Jan 2020 Update: I recently came across this old post. The last paragraph drew on the best information I could find at the time, posted by experienced users. However, to cut a long story short, that is NOT how webCoRE works.

Apologies… I thought this is the webcore forum. I will go search for another forum to post.

Thanks… Yes… it did work at one point… but all my “waits” thoughout all my pistons have stopped working… So lights stoped turning off after waits as well.

here is the link to the webcore forum :slight_smile: