Help with Piston Not Firing

I can’t for the life of me figure out why this piston is not working. I had it working fine in Core, but can’t figure it out in webcore. Basically, I just want the front porch and living room light to turn on when someone arrives home at night. If someone happens to be in the living room watching TV, it only turns the porch light on. Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

Which part is not working for you? I have had issues in WebCore using current switch status as an “only when” condition and have sought workarounds.

What does logging show? Have you clicked on Trace to see what is happening? Probably that first only when :slight_smile:

I should also point you to the webCore Community Forum as a great source of examples/help/discussions of all things webCoRE

The first half with switch 12 works, the second half does not. I’ve tried writing it a few ways and I don’t understand what the problem is.

The trace shows everything firing except line 31-39. I’ll try out webCore community forum, thanks.

That was my next recommendation. I just joined there a few weeks ago and there is a few guys who can read through the debugging logs. I suspect the issue is none of the switches actually logs ‘off’. I am running into the same issue.

I think you will need to set Task Cancellation Policy (TCP) to Never Cancel at each “With” statement…

I had a similar issue and here is the post @ WebCore where it was resolved … may help

Thanks, I got it working. I appreciate all the help!

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