Wadja Get? Black Friday 2022 Edition (“What did you get?”)

Get anything exciting this year? Or just a really great deal? Here’s a place to share. :sunglasses::tada:

As I’ve mentioned, I’m delaying most of my device purchases until matter is more widely available, but I did get a few things, including my very first Switchbot curtain opener. Under $75 at Amazon (I already have the Switchbot mini hub.)

That’s even lower than the Singles Day price unless you used one of their special loyalty program coupons:

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no smart home devices for me. I did get a 4 pack of apple airtags for $70 at walmart using a $10 off by using curbside pickup. going to get a macbook but all the prices are standard at all the merchants. a few deals start tomorrow so I will wait and see what happens. There was one deal at Amazon 2 nights ago but it felt off so I didn’t go for it.

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Yeah, it’s been a slow year for me so far also, except for the switchbot curtain mover, but several of the retailers I follow are promising bigger sales tomorrow, so we’ll see.

Meanwhile, my best score was 25% off plus free shipping for my favorite gourmet chocolate. All for me. Because, you know, chocolate. LOL!

Random thought: has anybody ever had a chocolate beer that was any good? Asking for a friend. :rofl: :beers:


Lots of craft chocolate stouts and porters are fantastic. Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout, Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, and Stone Xocoveza (Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout) are all delicious. :beers:

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Ah ha! A new Black Friday quest! :crossed_swords: I’ll tell my friend. :wink:

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For a friend … sure! :sunglasses:

Just playing with you.

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Good deal on the air tags. Have you seen the new eufy tracker? It works with the Apple FindMy but doesn’t have the ultra wide feature. However it is able to ring your phone similar to the tile. The tile is a lifesaver for my wife when the kids walk off with either the keys or her phone. The Eufy with the find my network seems like a great upgrade.

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well, my waiting appears to have backfired on me. in some cases, pricing returned to normal prices or the merchants are out of stock with a 6-10 week back order on the model I want.

Update: got it!

Whats not to like

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Screenshot 2022-11-27 092607
Screenshot 2022-11-27 092520

I picked these up the new 5th gen echo dot that came with 2 hue bulbs the meros WIFI power strip with 6 outlets and the meros WIFI power strip with 4 outlets was looking for power strips with power monitoring but unfortunately could not find one uk plug compatible.