2023 Black Friday Wadja Get? (“What did you get?”)

Felt like a weird year this year, not sure why. :thinking:

I got the smartthings station, but returned it, as I discussed in another thread. (Issues with the app, not the device itself.)

The Aqara FP2 mmWave sensor finally dropped down to a $63 price that fit my budget, so I ordered that. I’m hoping I’ll be able to set it up with the zone so that it detects people going into my bedroom, but not my dog running in and out. We’ll see. :four_leaf_clover:


Got Sugru at 20% off because we just used up our last packet of white.



Also, got the three pack of third reality buttons, because you can never have too many smart buttons. LOL!


Got a small ice cream maker at under $40, which is probably the purchase I’m most excited about! LOL! :laughing: That one was a flash sale, and an impulse buy, but I’m really happy about it. along with some small 6 ounce freezer containers. The idea is that I can have a helper make the ice cream once or twice a month and put it into the small containers and then when I want ice cream I can take out a small container without having to scoop, which is really difficult for me. :ice_cream:

These are the containers:


And, of course, dog food and dog toys! :sunglasses::dog:

On an early Black Friday deal a couple of weeks ago I replaced my double wall oven with a smart Samsung and just yesterday I picked up a smart Samsung cooktop.

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What did you get and what did you buy are two different things this year. I bought a ST station and few other things but so far it appears Amazon has lost everything after shipping so I have received “NOTHING”! and currently looks like Refunds are my only option as AMIE ZONE does not want to ship replacements.

Awwwwww! :disappointed_relieved:

I bought a SmartThings Station, Lenovo P11 Tablet, and a Samsung smart dishwasher.

I didn’t need a smart dishwasher, but I needed a dishwasher and the price was right.

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followup on my ST Station order :frowning:

I too ordered the Smartthings station. I set it up last night. It was not a smooth install, kept failing at the final step. . I was only able to install it using my wife’s iPhone. Android was a no go.

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My wife bought me " eufy Security Floodlight Cam S330, 360-Degree Pan & Tilt Coverage".

Wont be here for a week or so.

Also iVAC PBG04 4" Pro Blast Gate for Automated Dust Collection


Can’t wait to see if I can hack this into a SmartThing.

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I finally replaced my old living room tv with a new samsung smart tv & im loving it. Just frustrated as it is gonna take me a bit to tinker with the settings. I also got a samsung sound bar but will not be able to set that up until friday evening. I picked up a watch 6 classic in the app & finaly just got delivered 2 sengled smart plugs.

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Got some Thirdreality Smart plugs with Power Monitoring, a Samsung Station, an Aeotec Smart Sensor, and a fully automatic grind and brew Philips Saeco espresso machine (non-connected)…

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I got the SmartThings Station on sale 50% off.

As for the SmartThings Station, I moved one device I had on my backup v2 hub to the new Station hub so I could put the old v2 hub in storage so that I’ll have a replacement for my existing primary v2 hub in case anything happens to it. That’s because of the hub replacement thread showing there are ‘unknown’ problems trying to use the new hub replacement feature. If anything does happen to my primary v2 hub, I’ll try the Station hub first though, but if that doesn’t work then I’ll just take the other v2 hub out of storage.


50" 4k Tv on a Wally world flash sale for 148.00.

2 ST Stations for half price that I was going to try the hub replace feature from my Zigbee V3 hub but I think I will wait now being there are so many problems over the last week with Zigbee and SLGA.

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Google Chromecast for $10 off. To make my not so smart tv a little bit smarter. And I just don’t feel like shopping for a new tv right now.

A Ring Stick Up cam wired for $50 off. Cuz you know, the world is getting crazier when someone can just pull up to your house and dig up and take your bushes (didn’t happen to me, but I saw it on the news)! :grinning:

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