VP0SR-1LZ only turns lights off with DZS15-1BZ

This weekend I installed four DZS15-1BZ switches with four VP0SR-1LZ remotes and in each case the VP0SR-1LZ can turn the lights off, but it can’t turn them on.

If I turn the lights off with the VP0SR-1LZ when I use the DZS15-1BZ the lights flash on and immediately off the first two times I push the switch, the third time they stay on.

The LED for the VP0SR-1LZ never seems to turn on. The LED for the DZS15-1BZ works as I expect (on when the lights are off and off when the lights are on).

What did I do wrong in wiring each of the VP0SR-1LZs? (At least I was consistent)

What I tried to do is connect the common wire and the wire that went to the red screw on the DZS15-1BZ to the BK screw on the the VP0SR-1LZ, the wire that went to the YEL/RD screw on the DZS15-1BZ to the YEL/RD screw of the the VP0SR-1LZ and added a pigtail to the neutral bundle in the box and connected it the WH screw on the VP0SR-1LZ.

Looks like I failed to mention these are all Leviton switches, which could be guessed from the model numbers.

I just installed a VRS15-1LZ with a VP0SR-1LZ and it exhibits the same behavior described as the DZS15-1BZ.

I should also mention before installing the switches I used a voltmeter between the black/common wire and ground to ensure I was putting the main switch where the black was live and the remote where it there was no voltage between black and ground.