Leviton 4-way (one not working)

I have 1 DZS15-1BZ and 2 VP0SR-1LZ Leviton swiches for my 4 way installation.

Here is an image of the original installation and also how I have it installed.

I can make 2 switches to work together, rather 1 and 2 or 2 and 3 but, I can’t make them all 3 work.

When I make 2 of them work, this is the way I have them:

As soon as I add the 3rd switch (a VP0SR-1LZ), I can only turn the lights on with the controller. The other 2 will only allow me to turn lights off but not back on again.

Any ideas? I’m desperate

I think for the remote. You only hook up wh and yl. Bk is not used.

I found what the problem was…

For the Leviton VP0SR-1LZ, the live cable (BK) needs to be connected. If it’s not connected, the switch won’t work.

From box 2 to 3, I only have 2 black cables, one that came from box 1 and the other that went to box 3. The one that went to box 3, I confuse it as the one that was going to the Load, when in real, it was going to box 3 and then a black cable went from box 3 to the load. This is what I was doing:

The solution was to move the controller to box 3 as below:

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