Recent roblems with Samsung R1 Speakers (March 2018)

Both of my R1 speakers lost wifi connectivity at the same time (work OK on Wednesday, unplugged for a trip, no “the connection is complete” today, no multiroom app access). Additionally, I am unable to reconnect using the Multiroom App on my Samsung S7.

Has anyone else suddenly lost their R1, R3, or R5 speakers???

If so, has anyone experienced the re-connect problem with the multiroom app?

This is SmartThings, the Samsung Speaker and MultiRoom app isn’t a Smart Things app or device. You want to get support from Samsung.

Since when is it not a device?

Does not matter. For SmartThings users’, the problem will show up as the speakers not working in SmartThings.

Again, I was just asking if anyone encountered the problem, not for a fix. It was as much of a heads-up as a query.

Have you tried rebooting your ST hub and router?

yes. The problem is definitely with the speaker initial wifi connection - so no SmartThing fix is available.

Extreme measure - try factory resetting one of your r1 speakers.

Found the problem (and everyone note). Some idiot (me) changed the WiFi wireless 5GHz settings from 802.11 a/n/ac to 802.11 ac only. Impacted the R1 Speakers but not the Soundbar.
Knowing this is not a Speaker forum, but for my friends that have the speakers and use my Service Manager/Device Handler:

Undocumented feature of Speaker: 5GHz wifi must be on a/n/ac to be able to connect the SPEAKERS. This sort of explains the problems some have had on initial speaker setup.

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I’ve been having this problem too. Trying to look at WiFi settings see if same issue

EDIT. My issue is within SmartThings app only. I’ve been back and forth with support for weeks. It’s done in MultiRoom but can’t be discovered in SmartThings. I’ve rebooted everything. Checked router settings, any advice?

Is your hub plugged into the same router as your speakers are connected to via wifi? That might seem like a simple question but I spent weeks with the same issue and almost returned the speakers until I realized I had my hub was connected to the phone company’s router and my speakers were connected to my older but fully customized router that I use for everything else.

Very embarassing when I finally figured it out.

They are. I have five total speakers and only two won’t connect

I had this once Dave. I had to remove it from everywhere and also ensure any reserved IP on my router was removed and start again. Only had it the once and on one speaker out of 4 R 1’s.

Glad to say, its not happened since.

I was having issues with my Smartthings setup which had the Speakers installed and working. I reset the hub and found I could not add the speakers again as Smartthings could not find the speakers.

I was using a mixed 2.4/5 GHz wireless network even though they were originally added to this network.

I found for me that that Smartthings would not find the speakers on the 5GHz network.

I could add them again on the 2.4 GHz network successfully.

I had dhcp but no reserved IP Addresses.

Up and running?

yes 2 now working perfectly