SmartThings tries to add M3 as Music Frame


I dug out my old M3 speaker and tried to add it to my Android SmartThings app, but the app seems to think it is a music frame device, and as a result fails to add it as it can’t connect.

I want to connect it to the wifi but can’t use WPS to do so, so need to register it in the app so I can manage it.

To setup…

  • I have the speaker connected via bluetooth to the phone
  • Click the “add device” + sign
  • Choose “Samsung Devices” then “Speaker” from the list of device types.
  • SmartThings displays “Downloading data to setup your phone”, then “Searching for Music Frame” and not the M3 WAM350 I’d expect.
  • After a while it times out and says it couldn’t detect the Music Frame.

Not sure whether I’m doing something wrong, or support has been dropped, or it’s a bug…

Help much appreciated.

I don’t have one of those speakers but I note that, although it is not featured on the supported devices page in the app, the WAM350 is explicitly mentioned in the Samsung Audio Edge driver which should be installed on hubs by default.

When I repeat your sequence from clicking on Speakers, I get:

  • A Searching for devices page appears that is blank except for a small Can’t find your device link at the bottom.
  • Either waiting for a few seconds or clicking on the link brings up a What kind of device do you want to add? page.
  • That page gives me a choice between Wireless Audio and Music Frame (which is not certified in the UK).
  • Selecting Wireless Audio brings up a Prepare your device screen inviting me to turn on the device and hold down the CONNECT button for five seconds.
  • That is as far as I can get without one of the devices.

Thanks. I don’t get the question “what kind of device do you want to add”, it jumps straight into the downloading data for your device, no wireless audio / music frame dialog. Doesn’t matter what path I try.

I’m guessing it incorrectly identifies the connected bluetooth M3 as a Music Frame device, so doesn’t ask… and it’s the only device detected.

From memory the device has been supported since ~2015 (used to be via the multi room audio app), but I would imagine it isn’t heavily used in app testing given the age… that plus the music frame being recently added… seems possible a bug crept in. Or it’s a PEBKAC issue lol.

Not sure if it makes a difference but I’m in Australia.