Help w/ Lock Status Updating & Vivint

Hi all, I’m hoping someone can give me some advice. I have Vivint home security and now a ST hub. Vivint has worked decently well for me and I have a pretty large amount of z-wave switches, plugs, and locks all connected.

I recently invested in 3 inovellli Red series dimmers to add to my system. Got those set up with no problem in the Vivint panel. However, there are some extra features that these switches can do, that Vivint cant handle, such as custom led notifications and scene control of other devices.

To fix this I grabbed a Smartthings hub off of marketplace and successfully paired it with my Vivint controller today. All of my z-wave devices show up in the smartthings app, and I was able to name them and can control them all with no issue.

The problem: The statuses of the device, on, off, locked, unlocked don’t update unless I control them with that app. So, if i unlock the door with the code and walk in the house, the Samsung ide interface and the app still show the lock as locked, unless I do the control in the smartthings app.
This really wouldn’t be a big idea, except one of the biggest reasons for adding the Hub was to use the notifications. For example, if the front door is unlocked, led status indicator on the bedroom light switch pulses red. If you lock the door, it returns to the normal dim blue steady indicator. I have been able to get this work, but it hinges on me now controlling everything with the ST app.

Any ideas on how to fixe this

You added the smartthings hub as a “secondary zwave controller“ to the Z wave network established by your Vivint controller. (That’s how it works.)

For security reasons, secondary controllers do not communicate with locks, The messages always go to the primary. So you can’t do this exactly the way you first envisioned.

You would have to use another device, One that can be seen by both controllers, as an intermediary. So have Vivint turn on A lightbulb used only for this purpose when the door is unlocked, and have that light bulb coming on be the trigger for changing the LED indicators.

I realize that’s not very graceful, but it should work.