Using SmartThings to control Vivint help

Hello, I’ve read through more than a few posts about this but didn’t quite get the answers I was looking for. I’m new to the Smart Home world so could someone help me understand this a little better? I have Vivint, Alexa (got the Amazon Alexa hooked up to Vivint with the skill), Harmony Hub, Nest, and SmartThings. My ultimate goal is to use SmartThings to turn on and off two lights that I have connected to it along with locking my back door. Any help or information on this would be greatly appreciated! I love SmartThings, much more versatile than any other system currently on the market! I just can’t figure out what work around I need to do to accomplish my goal! :sweat:

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Are the two bulbs devices on your SmartThings hub? If not, you need to add them or the smart switch/receptacle that controls them to SmartThings via the mobile app.

No they’re connected to Vivint. I wan’t to use SmartThings to control the two lights through Vivint. Can I do this with a work around of any sort using the Nest or Harmony Hub?

Most likely ST can treat it as a secondary hub.

Hey Jeremy,

I know this topic is a little old but I’m doing almost the exact same thing as you (minus the Nest). Vivint is my secondary controller while SmartThings is my primary. It would not work for me for me when I first tried it so I forgot about it and let it sit for 6 months. After several firmware upgrades though, it seems to be working now!

I just commented about it on another post here:

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@redfire1539 - Just curious if you are still successfully using your SmartThings and Vivint? I am looking to do the same thing myself.