Vivint Devices and smartthings?

I recently had my service with vivint end and now have different items to control on smart things. I need step by step directions on how to get my door lock and thermostat to operate on smart things from my useless sky panel

We need the brand and model for each device in order to answer the question accurately.

Kwikset keylock and element thermostat

Model numbers?

I think the kwikset is 910 and unsure on the thermostat its whatever vivint installed 6 yrs ago

Its keeps on saying i need a HUB for the lock and thermostat

Yes, you do. You won’t be able to use your old panel, so you have to have a smartthings hub to act as the controller for your Z wave devices.

Once you have setup your smartthings hub, then you can use the following instructions for the lock:

How do i get a new HUB im new to this techies stuff