Conversion from Vivint to ST issues

Struggling to have control over Kwikset 910 (Z wave). Several issues. Apparently I can not figure out how to remove it from the Vivint panel. Ive deleted it, received notification via panel that it was deleted, yet it still shows up. No control and doesn’t give proper status.

On the other side of my mess. I’ve added the lock to ST via classic app. Shows in device list but doesn’t give control or proper status. I can see light flash on lock when I send a commend via ST.

My goal is to completely move from Vivint to ST… please help

I just went through the same thing. Replacing Vivint with SmartThings.

I thought smartthings was crap but I think the issue is the locks. I wasn’t able to get it working properly with smartthings until i added several ZWave Plus light switches and outlets. Once I did that, I was able to properly control the locks.

As for removing them from the Vivint Panel, I assume your completely replacing Vivint. If so, and you’ve already removed the lock, then start by performing a general device exclusion from smartthings and remove the lock completely. Then add it back.

Again…if you don’t have any other hard wired zwave devices, I suggest getting those first before worrying too much about the locks themselves.

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I finally got it. I had to disassemble the lock. Put it right on top of Vivint panel, reconnect it, remove it, place on top of ST hub, exclude it, then pair it. Works fine now.