Visonic MCT-340E Alternate DH


I’m using the above door/window sensors with the native ST DH which reports both contact sensor and temperature. I have no need for the temperature readings on any of my 26 sensors.

Is there a different DH I can use to bypass the temp updates and save some battery life ?


The DTH only handles What smartthings does on its side of the communication.

If you want to change how often the sensor itself sends temperature reports, you would need to check to see if it can be reconfigured.

thanks. guess i might have to go back to a custom DTH and loose local control…

Is your battery dying off that quickly?

I had 1 of 12 that ate batteries…The others last quite a while before needing battery replacement. Unless you just don’t like seeing extra info, you might consider leaving well enough alone.

I’ve had two eat batteries. Interestingly, moving them and resetting them made them stop that behavior. Now all are working well.

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