SmartSense Motion Sensor reporting temperature change?

I’m using a SmartSense motion sensor (GP-U999SJVLBAA) in my mailbox across the street. It works great, except every time the temperature changes a degree - it wakes up and reports. LOL In one day my battery dropped to 91%! Is there a way to turn off the temperature reporting, or at least change it to once an hour or something??

Hello, @withay

You can do this at the IDE creating a new DTH that doesn’t include the temperatureMeasurement capability and pairing it through the simulator.

Configured this way my multipurpose sensors while ago.

Hope this solution fits your needs,

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I know what you’re talking about - and yep, that would do it, but I’m not sure exactly how to do it. Do you mean to go to the device, click Edit, and choose a type that just says motion detector, or do you mean to create a new device/device type?

The first option should do it, yes. You can check the DTH before when “creating” one with From Example templates.

@withay i wouldn’t worry about the battery % right away. they can be highly variable.

@erickv wouldn’t removing the capability from the DTH only prevent SmartThings from interpreting those messages? The device will still send them. Which means the device isn’t really saving any battery since it still uses energy to send the reports.

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Worth trying @prjct92eh2, I’m not fully familiarized with classic as with the new platform, but will check that out. Thanks !

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