Visonic Door/Window Sensor MCT-340 E – Temperature Update Intervals

I recently purchased a Visonic Door/Window Sensor to use as a temperature sensor to assist in monitoring the health of my sprinkler pump. Unfortunately, I noticed that the temperature only updates at 15 minute intervals. Here are the troubleshooting steps that I’ve tried and I now I believe that it is a physical limitation of the device.

  • Added a Refresh and a Wait prior to checking the temperature
  • Tried many DTHs that supports this device, currently using “SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor”
  • Monitored the reports in real-time. Noticed that temperature reports come in every 5 minutes but the value doesn’t change. After 15 minutes the value jumps several degrees at once.
  • Modified the report configuration several times. zigbee.temperatureConfig(30, 300)
  • Reset the device
  • Removed and re-paired the device
  • Searched and searched the message boards for any hints

15 minutes is too long to wait if my pump is overheating. I have a SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor in my fridge that reports temperature changes every 5 minutes, even if they are only one degree. I was hoping to save some money by buying the Visonic Door/Window Sensor. Am I missing something or can anyone else with this device confirm my findings. Thanks!

My visonic sensor reports event 15 to 30 minutes roughly when it does report . I just looked at it and it hasn’t updated temp in 4 hours.
These sensors are designed to be so good on battery that I’m sure they don’t update the temp that’s stored in there memory all that often, much less report it to the hub. Since temp reporting isn’t event driven I wonder what logic is being used to drive temperature reports?

This won’t result your problem but another option to monitor the pump is by reading energy. Not sure what kind of pump you have but using an Iris/ST plug and have a rule to monitor the energy reading to shut off the pump.
I would go one step further and have a physical timer to shut down the pump if overheating is an issue.

I’m using a Smartenit Dual Load Controller as a power meter to monitor the min and max watts, I just wanted to take it a step further and monitor the temperature too. I know it’s probably overkill but it’s a hobby of mine. I’m using a webCoRE piston to monitor the pumps health while it’s running and it will turn it off if anything goes wrong.

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Any luck with getting the interval changed? I am wondering if you can make some adjustments in the DTH or if this is hard coded into the actual device

No luck getting the interval to change yet. Yes, I’ve made several changes to the DTH with no change to the interval. Mostly changed the zigbee.temperatureConfig(30, 300) in the configuration section. Still, no change to the interval.

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Any update to this? If not any recommendations on sensors that give more updated readings? I have that do 15 and some that do 30 and some that do every few hours. They are not very consistent.