Open/Close sensor doesn't show temperature

I’m in the process of migrating from a V1 hub to a V3 hub. I’m using Visonic MCT-340 E open/close sensors throughout the house. I’m able to successfully add them, the temperature reads 32° on all of them when I view them in the app. I’ve tried a number of device types and (oddly) some work with the Door / Window (SG) device type and others don’t. As a note, Visonic isn’t a manufacture option so I’m using EcoLink when I add them.

Does anyone have experience with these sensors? If so, have you found a DT that works consistently?


Use the smart sense door/window sensor :slight_smile:

That’s the one ST was using by default. When I use that one, the temperature always shows 32°. I’m having better luck with the Door/Window(SG) DT but it’s hit or miss and some work and some don’t.

When a device isn’t listed you should use the “scan” button in the upper right corner rather than choosing something that’s wrong. This may be part of the issue.

I have 16 of those same sensors using the smart sense door/window DTH and they all report temperature just fine.

You could also try the Tyco door/window sensor DTH, but I suspect the way you paired them may be the issue rather than the DTH.

Thanks for the suggestion. Up until yesterday, I’d only used the Classic app and didn’t notice the scan option. When I use that, ST correctly identifies the sensor as a Visonic and applies the SmartSense DT but some sensors work and some don’t. I’m guessing it’s a firmware or polling issue. Open/close is properly reported so I can live with a few sensors reading 32.

I see. Have you tried the Tyco DTH? IIRC the old Visonic MCT-340’s used that DTH or a slightly modified version of it before ST was able to add them natively. I thought the change was on the ST side but maybe it was on the firmware side (or both). I think the Tyco sensors are very similar to the Visonic as well (Visonic is owned by Tyco).

@markplewis, what is the temperature in those places? The official DH from ST will report only in full degree. So if the temperature is 32.0 to 32.9 it will report 32. And you will not see any update in the History until it will not change to 31.9 or 33.0, which will be logged as 31 or 33. The DH logs changes when the value changes, if it is not changing, then no new event is logged.