Change Checkinterval

I have several temperature sensors that have a default Checkinterval of 7260 (2 hours). I need it more often than that. Is there any way to change this to half that or less? My devices are Aqara, Sonoff, and Visonic devices.

I wish Visonic were available, I would never buy anything else.

I’m assuming that parameter isn’t changeable through the device settings in the Smartthings app.

I believe those with the most knowledge on this are otherwise preoccupied learning how to make the next generation of device drivers.

I was looking for a thread that might help you, but not finding the one I remember from some time ago…

But, this one might give you some idea of how to go about it:

Do you really mean the checkInterval parameter? That is used to indicate how long a period of inactivity is permitted before the device is considered unhealthy and it is given a poke before it it marked as offline. I don’t think I’ve seen that as a preference in any handlers so the device handler source has to be tweaked if you want to change that.

Usually there is a reason for the figure used. Aqara sensors, for example, historically just report when they have something to say, except for an approximately one hourly battery report. So they usually have a two and a bit hour checkInterval to allow one missed reading.

You do get oddities. The stock handler for the Sonoff temperature sensor is curiously written so the device only reports temperature at one to two hour intervals, yet retains the twelve (?) minute checkInterval used for the other devices in the driver which are set to report at five minute intervals. I’m not really sure what is keeping the device online.

I appreciate the effort. I performed an extensive search myself and found little info, but quite a few questions. Most of it was for v2 or v1 hubs and not helpful.

Perhaps that is my issue, I would expect the device to report in at those intervals. If it is just a TTL check, then it will not do half of what I need.

My issue right now is twofold: Best case, I want to know the temperature (or confirm it) every hour or so. If it is only going to report changes, then so be it. I am also having issues with Aqara and Sonoff devices dropping off line, but I don’t want to wait two hours before each troubleshooting session.

I’ve stopped using the Aqara sensors (and I’m not talking about the more recent Zigbee 3 ones) but I believe they couldn’t be made to report on demand, and they couldn’t have reporting parameters set (either that or no one knew how to do it). They just reported on changes.

I found the main problem with keeping the Aqaras online was just after pairing. Some of the handlers had a two hour checkInterval from the start but battery reports take about three to start. So it could be necessary to make sure the sensor had something to report in the first two hours. I changed my handlers to have a 24 hour checkInterval and switch to two hours once the battery report arrived. Otherwise I found they were genuinely offline because of poor signals (or occasionally a Tradfri repeater needing a power cycle).

The stock handler that supports the Sonoff SNZB-02 deliberately configures the temperature reporting to a minimum of one hour intervals and a maximum of two hours. There may also be a change threshold specified. Indeed there probably is as I normally see two hour reports but occasionally get a one hour one. Before adopting the stock handler I was getting updates every few minutes from my own lash up but I haven’t got around to reverting yet. The handler also requests reports from the device in its refresh/ping methods but I’ve never seen any evidence of any in the logs or events (hence why I don’t know why they stay online if they have a twelve minute checkInterval). Sometimes they do seem to fall offline within hours of pairing but generally something keeps them going. The Sonoff sensors generally seem to be a bit on the weak side with signal handling to me.