Temperature Sensor Refresh Rate or Polling Time

Is it possible to change the refresh rate of a sensor (specifically Visonic Door/Window Sensor Device)? I have a Visonic temp sensor that doesn’t seem to be updating very quickly. I built an app to log the reported temperature every minute, but it seems like the temperature doesn’t update very fast. The reported temperature lags behind the thermostat temperature, and it occasionally jumps be two degrees. There’s no way my room temperature is actually jumping by two degrees in one minute.

When I look at the device preferences tab (“My Devices”), it says “checkInterval: 720” in the Current States section. Does this mean it checks the temperature every 720 seconds (12 minutes). If so. is there a way to change that value?

Also, is there a way to actively ask the device what the temperature is, instead of waiting for it to broadcast its temperature?

Finally, are there any temperature sensors out there with better resolution than 1 deg? 0.1 degree would be enough. I’m trying to map the temperature changes in different rooms in my house, and I only really see a maximum change of like 8 degrees, so 1 degree resolution doesn’t really show me very much.

It looks like the sensor actually has less than 1 deg resolution. In the span of 61F to 68F, it can only resolve 5 degrees (61, 63, 64, 66, 68). This makes it pretty worthless as a temperature sensor except for confirming generally that the thermostat is working…


Does anyone have experience making their own sensors using off the shelf ZigBee radios/modems and microprocessors? Is there any documentation? I’ve seen that there is an Arduino library called ST_anything, but I haven’t looking into it too much. Does it work OK?

I just purchased a module by Atmel that contains a ZigBee radio, an ARM Cortex M0+ processor, and a couple I/O pins. Hopefully I can get this to do something. It would be nice to have the capability to make my own sensors.