Vision Micro Switch Wiring

I’m hoping someone can help me with how to connect a Vision micro switch to a regular wall switch and a three way wall switch. Here are pictures of what I have:

Regular wall switch

Three way switch

Inside the three gang box

Wiring diagram supplied by The Smartest House

It appears to me that you want to use the vision dual relay for the left and right most switches. Unfortunately from what I can tell the load for the left most switch is not in that box. It think that you have the load for the right switch so that would work. It appears that the center switch is on a different circuit. I can’t tell if the load or line is in that box.

@Navat604 is much better at this than I am. Perhaps he has more insight. Also I would recommend connecting your grounds as they seem to not be used.

One other note: If you wanted you could wire a regular switch in place of the 3-way in the left most slot and get it to work. Though if you decide to do this, the other switch in the 3-way would no longer work. You could replace that other 3-way with a Linear or Cooper add-on switch to “associate” that capability. However, I believe they only come in paddle format.

Yeah that’s what The Smartest House said too about the 3 way switch but I wanted to double check on here. Unfortunately these switches are ivory colored and I’ve yet to find any ivory zwave switches on the market because that was what I hoped to do in the first place.

If I just used one of the ready on the micro switch then should I just cap off the wires for second relay? And perhaps you could help me with the wiring of this - black wire from micro switch to top black of wall switch, blue wire from micro switch to bottom black wire of wall switch, white white from micro switch to white wires in box? Where would the yellow wire go?

Thanks for your assistance.

In your diagram
Load = red
Line = black
Neutral = white
Traveler = blue

It is hard at times to follow the wires. Ensure what I say below is true.

It looks like the black wire from the top of the right switch runs to the right most wire. If that is the case (and it is not reversed), that is the load (red). Remove from switch and add to the red slot in the relay.

The bottom wire appears to run into the wire nut of black wires. If that is true, that is your line (black). You will need to add a wire to that bundle and connect it to black on the vision relay. Do not remove line from switch (or if you’d prefer to match the diagram, move to top slot - doesn’t actually matter)

The larger white bundle in the front wire nut is your neutral (white). Add a wire to connect that to white in the relay

Add a wire between the relay and the now empty spot on your switch (blue) to complete the circuit.

Since I can’t tell how the circuit is designed for your center 3-way switch, depending on what that goes to and if load is in the box, you may be able to use the second relay for that.

Of course, if that wire is the load, you’d need to change which circuit it is on. Usually not a problem for a light or so but beware of overloading the breaker.

Agree with @jhamstead. It’s hard to know your 3 ways right now. You should figure out your old 3 ways first. The only way I think of that you will be able to use both 3 ways switches is if you have wiring option #9 and the load, line and neutral is on the same circuit.

is the wiring diagram that came with th device wrong? It shows red and yellow connecting to neutral wires.