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Micro switch wiring

(Zachary Evans) #1

I know there are post about this but I cant find one similar to my situation.

I don’t have a neutral wire in my switch box so the micro switch would have to be wired in the box with the light. I believe my wiring has the line coming into the light with the neutral wired directly into the light and the live black wire being sent to the switch via a pigtail white wire, then back to the light at switch via a black wire.

I am confused as to how this would enable the micro switch to work without the switch messing it up, I would think it wouldn’t be possible but I’m not 100% and exactly at what step of the “process” the wires would connect to the micro switch if possible.

would this be the wiring needed: where the wires at load go to the light?

I don’t see how it would work with this setup:

(fightingmajor) #2

I’m thinking that if the box is wired at the light and your switch is just a toggle, the 2nd diagram is how you would wire it. I’m assuming you are just using a regular switch at the wall that doesn’t require a neutral wire since you do not require a smart switch at the wall when you have one at the light.

(Zachary Evans) #3

yes, it is just a regular single pole switch. not smart and not dimmable.

(Zachary Evans) #4

So basically the light would be “hard wired” and the micro switch would control it and the physical light switch would send a “message” to the micro switch telling it to turn on or off?

(fightingmajor) #5

Basically yes.

(Zachary Evans) #6

Has anyone wired these up to a light instead of a switch? I have 3 lights that run off of one switch and would install it at the junction box in the ceiling (drop ceiling)