Help,making sense of my options, no neutral at switch

first time asking for help in the forums, I have multiple smarthings devices, sirens, door sensors, light switches, keypads… etc… some switches in my home do not have a neutral at the switch. I just want to understand my options. I am aware one option in to buy a lutron bridge and a on/off switch which will not require a neutral.

I’ve been researching micro zwave switches, and thats where I am confused. at the light fixture I have a neutral, ground and load… can I use a micro switch at the fixture? for example Aeotec Z-Wave Micro Dimmer, will the switch still work normally? will the micro switch still have power when the switch is in the off position??

your time and help is truly appreciated…

If you have power at the light then yes, a micro relay should work well. You can still use your switches normally or turn the light on/off with ST regardless of the switch position. I use them because I have no neutral in my switch boxes too, it’s just more annoying to wire them in the ceiling box than in a switch box on the wall.

Thank you for your response, would you be able to recommend a specific micro switch and directions on how to wire it? Do I need to change the wiring at the switch? Your guidance and time is truly appreciated…

I have been unable to find clear directions of wiring one to the fixture, only having 3 wires available…The ground, neutral and load…Thank you again.

Usually the load wire in box above the fixture will go to the switch and back. There are directions, wiring diagrams included with the relays that show you how to wire it parallel to the existing wall switch so you can control it with the switch or through automations… I use these to control fan/light combos where I can’t ( am too lazy) to run new wires to install separate wall switches.

I am like you where i have many lights with the line,load, and neutral in the light box in the overhead.

I recently installed this micro in 2 locations.

They have worked well.

I also have one of these installed.

I think my personal preference is the Enerwave. I like the pigtails to ease wiring them up. The Aeotec has a smaller gauge connection on the switch inputs. So you’ll have to make a couple smaller gauge pigtails to wire them up. If you don’t you’ll damage the screws.

Another difference is the Aeotec can use both powered and non powered inputs from your wall switches. Here is the wiring diagram I used on my Aeotec setup.

Here is where you can find more wiring examples and help.

If I remember right the Enerwave has you run line power to the switch and back. That wasn’t a big deal as I had 14-3 running from my wall switch to the light. I put one wire in the 120 bundle then put returning wire from switch on aux input on micro. I don’t have a drawing of that i just followed the directions in the box. Wasn’t very hard.

Hope that helps.

I’ve used the aeotec 2nd gen micro switch in a three way setup. They also have their next generation nano switches (smaller and easier to fit in the fixture box) that should be available soon.

See this topic from a year ago with a wiring diagram that worked for me.