Help with Vision in wall relay 3 way setup

Hello, First of many visits to this site. I searched but couldn’t easily find an answer My wiring looks like this…

will i be able to use the vision in wall relays, anyone have a wiring diagram for this setup?

If these won’t work, I’ll return them and pick up the Zooz switches… thanks!

In whatever box you install it, you need both Line and Load. You have Line in one box and Load in another. To make it work you need to run one extra wire between boxes. But same applies if get switches. No gain.

ok, so the in wall relays are out.

The zooz diagram I looked at showed that it would work for this configuration.

Would this setup work?

This is the correct diagram for any 3-way smart switch, including Zooz.
But you still need to run one wire between the two boxes. Load and line have to be in the same box.
You first diagram shows Line in left box and Load in right box.
You second diagram shows Line in left box, Load in right box and one more wire taking load from right box to left box.
If you have that wire, you can use relay or switch. If you do not have it, either you run it or no smart device works.

I’m really confused at this point!! I understand that they are mirror images as far as the line shows but from my interpretation that load wire isn’t technically in the second box it could be anywhere in between the two.

I have 14/2 in the main box with a run of 14/3 going to the fixture, and then another 14/3 going from the fixture to the second switch box.

After further research I haven’t found anyway of using an in wall relay, but I must be missing something, I have the correct amount of wires for the zooz diagram. At least I think I do.

Physical connection for both in-wall relay or switch requires both Line (so you can power it) wherever the in-wall relay or switch is (box). Load (to the light bulb) also comes from the same in-wall relay or switch. In addition to that you need Neutral and Traveler wires from secondary switch to primary switch (just as you showed in the second diagram).
While you have the correct number of wires as a total, you do not have them in the correct box.
Your second diagram has a dashed vertical line. Now draw the same line on the first diagram and compare them. you’ll see that you’re missing a wire between the boxes.
Another option would be to reroute Line to the same box where Load is.
Take also a look here [FAQ] GE 3-Way Wiring

Straight from the FAQ’s… this is what I have, and I’ll wiring the Zooz switch accordingly