Looking for z-wave window/door vibration/shock sensors that work with Vivint

Please help!! My 30 year old window door sensors that also have shock detection are starting to breakdown. I have a Vivint smart hub panel that I believe uses z-wave, and although the panel works well with my old sensors, I was unsuccessful it getting it to communicate with the exact same replacement. Vivint does not carry shock sensors, which is a must have for me. I want to know if someone is attempting to enter before they break the glass or open my doors. So, I’ve been searching for z- wave window/door vibration/shock sensors that will also detect window opening and closing. Your help will be greatly appreciated!!

Zwave radios are region dependent. What country?


This forum is for people who are using the Samsung SmartThings ™ home automation system, so all of the questions and answers are assumed to be in that context. Since one of the issues is whether the Vivint system will recognize a specific sensor as a shock sensor When you add it, I’m not sure we’ll be able to help you. You might be better off trying to find a Vivint customer forum. :thinking:

That said, assuming you’re in North America, there are a couple of possibilities for Z wave vibration sensors, including some that are specific for glass breaking. Most of these should be available at Amazon.

Budget brands

  1. Evalogik ZW1105

  2. vision ZS5101US

Premium brands

  1. Aeotec multi sensor 7. Newest zwave technology. ZWA024

Other Notes

  1. Normally, if someone had a smartthings hub and was looking for a shock sensor in North America, I would recommend the Zooz ZSE43. Premium features, budget prices, good customer service. But they specifically say they don’t work with alarm panels and they don’t list Vivint in their compatibility list.

So again, I think you may need to find a Vivint customer forum or ask Vivint support to find out which models will work with your system, just being z wave may not be enough.

You can also try the reddit home automation subforum. They cover all brands:

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We live in the USA.