Pretty tilt/vibration sensor

(Dennis Tegenbosch) #1


I am looking for a device which register vibrations which looks better then:

And the smartthings multi sensor cannot be configured about the vibration settings, which makes it possible that you have false alarms.

Does anyone know of a device which looks better / isn’t noticed that much from the inside, which makes sure that the alarm will go off when someone trows in the window. I don’t want the alarm to go off when they are already in, but before that, and i don’t want a camera/motion sensor outside.

(Kevin) #2

The Vision Shock Sensor you linked to might not look as good as some of the others, but the sensitivity is adjustable and it eliminates the need to have a vibration sensor and a contact sensor.

You can attach a small cheap dumb sensor like this to the internal contacts and use this DTH to have it work as a motion sensor and contact sensor.

Disclaimer: If the window is closed and opens, you’ll know that it opened, but it doesn’t automatically report closed again once it’s shut.

(Mark) #3

“Looks better” is pretty subjective. In general they’re all gonna look like small plastic boxes though.

I use this one:

It’s not a vibration sensor, it’s an acoustic sensor that’s listening for a particular pattern (which the sound of breaking glass fits). So it doesn’t go on the window directly. You could put it on the ceiling or a wall nearby, and anyone that sees it will probably assume it’s a smoke detector.