Virtual Switches ID conflicting while pair a zwave device

I have a handful of virtual switches and I set their Network Device ID by taking my last Z-Wave devices ID and incrementing it by 1. Just recently I was trying to pair a few new GE outdoor outlets (Zwave) and they would never pair. I finally realized that they were trying to use the same ID as one of my virtual switches. I changed all the virtual switches ID’s to start with 100 then the new devices paired right away.

So apparently the new devices were not able to see the virtual switches and know the ID was already taken?

Just figured I would post this in case it helps someone else out :smile:


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That ID does not have to be a number, so you can make it easier on yourself by giving it an ID like “virtual-1”, then you will never have to worry about conflicts.


Thanks! I numbered them the way I did just to keep it looking good but never thought of the conflict. I think I will use your suggestion, thanks!

I start all my virtual switch IDs with the V. :sunglasses:

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I could have saved myself ALOT of headache the past 2 nights had I done that too, but I had no idea. Everything is a lesson :smile:

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