Device ID question

When I do a Z-Wave network repair I see a lot of “failed to update mesh info” mesages for devices that simply have a number or number and letter instead of a description. Examples [31] or [27] or [1C]

How can I tell what these devices are? They often don’t line up with any of the Device Network IDs in my device list. I have a bunch of Lutron Caseta switches and dimmers, perhaps they are IDs assigned to them?

See the community FAQ on clearing error messages. It explains. ( The topic title is a clickable link)

FAQ: Zwave repair not working (how to fix error messages)

The Lutron devices use their own protocol which is not Zwave: they will not show up with Z wave IDs. But again, read the FAQ, it should help. :sunglasses:

Thanks, I had read through that but I didn’ t want to assume that they were all orphaned devices and delete my caseta devices somehow.

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Understood, but they won’t be your Caseta devices unless you’ve manually gone in and changed all the device IDs on your own. The device IDs are just the sequential IDs assigned by your Z wave controller in your hub when a new Z wave device is added to your network. But they are in hex. So “1C” was the 28th zwave device you added. “27” was the 39th. Etc.

But it’s quite common for these numbers to get used up when you have a failed pairing and you have to exclude and include a device again. So you might have zwave device IDs up into the 40s when you really only have 20 devices on your network. It’s not a problem.

if you are getting errors for devices that don’t exist in your devices list, I would suggest contacting support to get it sorted out.

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Understood. I am going through the process now of creating devices with the orphaned IDs and force removing them.

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Technically, those are ghosts, not orphans, although I know no one cares about that but me. :wink:

An orphan is a device which exists on your network but has lost connection to its parents. This actually happens more often with Zigbee than with Zwave, but it can happen with Z wave if a repeater goes bad and then the end devices have no way to reach the hub.

A ghost occurs when the hub has a record of a device which is no longer on the network. This can happen because of a failed pairing or if you do a general exclude on a device from another controller. Or of course if the end device itself goes bad. Most often a failed pairing.

Ok, thanks. I have a feeling they are failed pairings. I was trying to add several Iris smart plugs to my network and had a very difficult time with them.

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I believe I have a lot of Ghost ID’s. I have gaps in my ID numbers. What is the process to remove them and I am guessing you use the Hex ID number in the process.


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