Z-Wave device id change without resetting ALL ZWAVE devices?

Is it possible to reassign a low device id to a Z-Wave device without resetting every zwave device in the system?

Here is the story - somehow a smart lightbulb (GoControl ZWave bulb) got unplugged for a few days - not a big deal normally, but when it got plugged back in - it was GONE. I mean, no trace of it in SmartThings - like it never existed. Ok, odd, but whatever, I just pair it again, and life is good… well, almost. I pair it back and it works with MOST things, except with a GE wall keypad that simply REFUSES to pair with it. I reset the keypad, re-paired other devices (including identical bulb) - all is good, but this bulb just will not pair. A bit more digging and I find that the keypad in question is only able to pair with devices with device ID less than 32 (0x20 in hex) and lo and behold - the new device id for this bulb is 0x23. Mystery solved. Now to fix it… but how?

If I exclude/include, Device ID will just keep going up - so that is not so good (though, what is the highest Device ID? At what point will it roll over?)

Seems like the most likely scenario is that I will have to reset the hub and start all over, which sounds painful, as I have a lot of devices (even if we only re-do all the z-wave devices, it is a large number)

So, any other ideas? Any way to change it to a lower device ID?

Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks,

Maximum devices for zwave is 232 decimal (E8). So that’s when it rolls over.

There’s no way to reassign lower device IDs except to use the “replace” utility. And that only works if the device is still available in your device table. That’s how you replace a broken device with another one of the same model without having to redo everything.

So the first thing I would do is just contact support and find out what the heck is going on with your device tables. They may have a way of running the replace for you on the lower ID, I just don’t know.


Thanks, as always, helpful. :slight_smile: The Replace functionality sounds interesting…

I do have a number of devices that are either useless (Aeon multisensor so unstable, it is not currently used, for example), or dead, or simply have no need to be in the bottom 32 (which is most of them) - so, can I “replace” a different kind of device or does it have to be same kind?
I assume once I replace it, I can just replace the device handler to match the device type - but you know what they say about “assume”…And can I replace a device that is not live anymore (I actually have a device I cannot get rid of because it is not up so for some reason it refuses to exclude/delete it - and I think that is the same or similar kind of a bulb)


You can definitely replace the device which is inactive, it was designed for the situation where a device had broken all together. In a traditional Z wave set up, you should only replace it with a Device with identical features, but to be honest, I don’t know what happens in the SmartThings platform. But support can tell you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I excluded the real bulb first, then replaced another dead light bulb device with this one and while it did not work like a charm - I had to reboot my hub and then reboot my “Classic” app on my phone before it got past the “checking device health” loop - it worked like a charm :wink:

As soon as “replaced” the device, it got the old device’s ID and I was able to pair it with the keypad just fine. Now I have to go and re-add it back to all the places it was at before, but at least I have to only do that for one device and not for the whole house.

BTW, I started with excluding the real device using the general device exclude function. When I did it, the device disappeared from the ST stack just like it did initially, leading me to think that somehow it got excluded in the first place.

Thank you again,


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Wow, this is a good idea for getting around that GE keypad problem. I guess people with one of those should never delete a device with id below 20 :smile:

As for how the bulb disappeared, I have one of those bulbs and it will reset/delete itself if you turn it on and off 4 times in a row. Not great considering I use it in my 5-year-old’s room.

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Yeah, I think the plug may have been loose, which may have flashed it 4+ times. :slight_smile:

Irony is that I’ve been trying to get rid of that old bulb device for some time, and now having it there paid off big :smile:


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