Linking to alexa is working trash, more experiences like this?

I made a virtual switch, that when flipped, starts an action on alexa. When i flip this switch in the alexa app, alexa immediately executes the action. When i flip the switch in smartthings, nothing happens.
When i mess around with it, it usually works once or twice, then stops working again until infinity.

Do more people experience this?

Search for @TAustin Virtual devices, he has developed the new Echo virtual switch integration, your current method no longer works due to Anazon or Smartthings changing things


Yes, use @TAustin virtual switch, activate separate contact sensor from switches settings and use contact sensor to command Alexa. Works 100% perfectly for me.


i already use his driver and virtual switches, but did not select the seperate contact sensor in settings, will test now for a while, thanks for the tip.
first test worked, but if this makes it work in a day or in a week, thats the question.

I´ve been using it daily basis actuating my door lock for a while now and haven´t had a single hiccup. Hope it works for you aswell :+1: