Virtual Grandfather Clock

I recently connected 2 Sonos speakers to my ST setup and set one up to emulate a grandfather clock chime on the hour.

I found a good grandfather clock chime sound file on-lne but it only had chimes for 2 o’clock so I used that file in an audio editing program on my computer to create all 12 chimes (one for each hour) . I will eventually try different sounds but these work fine for now.

I uploaded the 12 sound files to a grandfather clock playlist in my Google Play account and then played each one on the Sonos speaker as I created the Sonos Notify Me With Sound app in ST Labs to play the correct chime each hour.

Unlike a real grandfather clock it only chimes between 7am and 10 pm. It creates a nice ambiance and gently reminds me of the time.

My Labs dashboard area now has over 37 different apps in it and I wish there was a way to create folders in there so I can organize it better. Not a big deal but it would make it easier to see what’s going on.


Awesome idea!

Can you share the audio files? That’d be cool!! :slight_smile:


@joegeiger Joe I love this idea. I own a wonderfully old grandfather clock and I will tell you a secret. You will only hear it chime for the first few weeks. I have owned mind for 20+years. The only time I “hear” it is when it interferes with something I am listening intensely to (like and emergency news broadcast) or if it stops working. I can go days without hearing it chime but if it stops (mine chimes every 15 min) I notice it within 2 hours. Don’t be surprised if find yourself asking did that chime or not? :slight_smile:


I posted the grandfather clock audio files to my Dropbox. Enjoy!

Let me know if there is any trouble with the link.


so did you have to setup one Sonos Notify Me With Sound app for every hour you wanted to have the chime go off? As in 14 separate apps?

Nice to hear that! Sorry couldn’t resist this! :slight_smile:

Yes… That’s why I said it would be great to have folders in the LABS dashboard area. Also… you’ll have to cue up and play each sound in the Sonos app so it will show up in the Notify Me With Sound App in ST. Good luck. let me know if you get it working.

just setup 10AM-8PM, but not home to hear if it’s working… didn’t tell the wife/kids anything yet, and they should be back for the 3PM chime… can’t wait for the “wtf was that?” phone call :wink:


I’m trying to figure out how to get this to work with the UPnP/DLNA smartapp…
Anyone have any ideas?

it may be that i’m generally negative about most things, but this seems like a relatively difficult thing to @#$% up, right?!? at a specific time, play a specific file on a specific output device.

it turns out that if there is a way, ST finds it!!! At 10AM, it plays the “10 o’clock.mp3”, then the 11, followed by the 12. That’s actually not all that bad! The 1PM schedule ends up playing the entire queue, 1-12.

needless to say, this was a xAF cluster@#$% and a lesson-learned - NEVER try $#!% when not home to experience it first-hand. second lesson learned, don’t put any trust in anything ST unless you’re ready to have it blow up in your face

I had some problems at first. It ended up being other notify w/ Sonos apps I had created. I had created an app that played a song when my wife came home. It would trigger the clock sound instead of the track I had selected. You may have to trouble shoot it. Mine work perfectly now that I debugged it.

One thing I have learned from my 1.5 years of using ST: Labs products do not reliably work because they are really beta. Other than the fact that everything has to go to the cloud, officially supported devices work well. The cloud issue will hopefully be fixed with v2 of the hub.