Sonos connectivity, SmartThings Labs, etc

I came to find some more information about the new Sonos connectivity and SmartThings Labs as discussed here:

But it seems we have to wait a little longer. The Facebook page currently hints:

"Check back here for daily updates from the global stage for innovation–including a very exciting announcement coming later this week for both iOS and Android customers."

I was really excited to see the article today on Techcrunch. I have 7 Sonos units around the house and have been looking at finding cool ways to integrate. The video that illustrated it reading a welcome was really cool. I’m so close to HA Nirvana. Just need to get a couple z-wave to IR questions resolved and I’ll be all set.

Really happy with my choice to adopt ST and looking forward to future integration options.

I am excited for Sonos… But not looking forward to the huge cost…

Do they sound good? I sure hope so for the cost…

Well I am just over a year in with Sonos, and I have never looked back. Love the simplicity, quality, and capabilities. As soon as I installed ST, I was clamouring for sonos integration. Love the demo of the sonos playing the dogs barking soundbite. Great for when the doorbell rings and no one is home.

With a sonos in the kids’ rooms as well…I am seeing some fun ideas.


This video popped up in my feed:

Saw something in the video saying “compatible with over 1000 automation devices” @__@

Eagerly expecting some decent announcements soon!

@Severum88 : What is the minimal to get started? A sonos connect? A Sonos Play?, and a speaker?

How is sound quality? Can I plug these into my TV to give my small LED TV in my bedroom better sound as well?

Darryl: you just need a bridge and one playX speaker to get started. If you are looking for a complete tie in to your television, you could leverage the sonos playbar, which I have as well.

Start with a bridge and simple playX speaker. Once you realize what you can do with it, you’ll be impressed. Quality is awesome as well. I used to be an audiophile snob with elaborate two channel set ups, but kids and convenience have suppressed that snobbery. I am very pleased with the quality of all of their devices.


I agree that I am looking forward to some big announcements/updates. I would hope that the “compatibility list” will be updated soon with the 1000 devices it is compatible with.

Not sure if this is more along the lines of “there are now 1000 certified z-wave devices”… see from:!

I mean, SmartThings has yet to reject devices I’ve added, so entirely possibly I think :slight_smile:

> Not sure if this is more along the lines of “there are now 1000 certified z-wave devices”…

Sounds like another meaningless milestone to me. I bet a great deal of those “certified” devices will never see the light of day or have already been discontinued.

SmartThings have surely been making some noise in tech news lately. I guess their marketing budget got some boost thanks to 15M $$ they raised in Series A funding. I just hope that engineering will get the major portion of it rather than it being spent on cheesy infomercials like this one which falsely claims that SmartThinds KIT can be purchased for $99.


Yes, Sonos is not cheap, but the cost-to-quality ratio with Sonos is really not that bad. They are built with quality materials (very Apple-like) and sound surprisingly good. I’ve been considering many other multi-room systems and the cost per room is usually above $500. Most require hardwiring (which adds to the cost). With Sonos you can start at about $200 per room for Play:1 + Bridge (Sonos often runs a free Bridge promotion).

The best part is - Sonos could be (somewhat) easily integrated with a variety of other sub-systems and controlled from any Apple or Android device. I have the automated “Good night tunes” and morning alarms (a built-in Sonos functionality) handled by Sonos in all bedrooms. Streaming children’s tales when my kids go to bed and some Disney tunes when it’s time for school in the morning. Kids can turn music on/off anytime just by pushing a button on their bedroom’s wall keypad.

I’m excited to see Sonos integrated into SmartThings! And the TTS functionality in the SmartThings demo is very impressive. Good job guys! Where can we get more info on that set-up?

Sonos integration was on the top of my list way back when the ST kickstarter had just launched. Excited to see it happening. I’m really looking to use it to announce activity and security events (doors opening, motion, etc…) while in certain modes.

Next on the list would be integration with alarm panels. I have so many embedded door and window sensors it would be awesome to be able to utilize all of them.

Some more love to Android would be nice also.

Hopefully a Sonos update comes soon.


Thank you so much for sharing, Rob!!

Anyone else running into an issue where only the sound effects and not the verbal message will play over the sonos device, I can get the lightsaber, bell and dogs to work but thats it… anyone have any suggestions…


Yep- I have the exact same issue…

I ran into the exact same issue, @ekanas407 and figured out the cause. For whatever reason, every file name that had a space in it (the mail has arrived.mp3, a door opened.mp3, etc.) will not play on my Play:3 either.

I opened a case with SmartThings and a bug is being logged with the developers, so hopefully, it will be fixed in a future update to the Sonos (Control) app soon.

If you don’t want to wait and are willing to dive into the code it isn’t that tough to come up with a workaround. You just have to duplicate the Sonos (Control) app and host renamed mp3 files elsewhere (without spaces) or call Google translate directly.

Any suggestion son how to call Google Translate directly? I tried this (and playText)


and got this error:

9:41:44 PM MST: error Command ‘playURI’ is not supported. Supported commands: [play, pause, stop, nextTrack, playTrack, setLevel, playText, mute, previousTrack, unmute, on, off, refresh, getVolume, subscribe, getCurrentMedia, getCurrentStatus]

playText just plays the last song I played from spotify


At least for my Sonos it won’t play anything with %20 and certain other characters so calling Google translate directly doesn’t work.

ST is working on a bug fix for the %20 issue, so perhaps that’ll fix other character issues.

Hi There,

Just got into the labs side of things and hooked up my Sonos. I have the same problem as previous posters in that only sound effects such as the light saber and bells play but things like the mail notification and arrival sounds don’t work. I have a Play 1 not a play 3.