Ring Door Bell and Sonos Default Sounds

I have just purchased the Ring Door Bell, and integrated it into ST, so when its rung, a Sound is played through my Sonos Speakers, But I find the choice of default sounds quite limited, (Bell1, Bell2, Dog Bark etc).
Is there anyway to access other Sounds, or to Create my own MP3’s that I can use?

@MickEP Did you get anywhere with this? I have a Ring Doorbell now and the 2 bell notification sounds are rubbish as doorbells and to buy a ring chime seems to take away from the point of a ‘smart’ thing.

Hi James, no ive not managed to get any answers yet, at the moment I am using Dog Bark, which to be honest isn’t too bad, as it’s a bit of a deterrent, if someone ring the bell when I’m not home.

@MickEP @JRichardson

Chaps there are a few solutions out there.

My current preference is ‘RemindR’ it does pretty much everything, custom TTS with or without variables, weather reports, timed notifications, intro chimes etc. apart from mp3’s but never found that necessary in my setup.
The only thing with this one (the developer is aware of and will fix the issue) is that you have to edit the RemindRProfiles SmartApp and change the Button Number Range (line# 450) to be greater than 130000 as for some reason the Ring Pro Doorbell (well at least mine) sends out Button #130000 when pressed as opposed to #1, then you need to set the Button# in RemindR to the same value or it simply will not respond to the button press. Easiest way is to set it up, test it and look in the Live Log for the Name of the RemindR you just configured, under there you will then see the Button# the Ring sends out then edit the ‘Reminder’ you just created directly in the SmartApp and enter that Button#. Very simple to do but let me know if you get stuck. This SmartApp is very versatile though and if you have chimes like the Dome, Zooz or CoolCam etc. you can have them to chime at the same time as TTS etc. notifications on Sonos all from a single ‘rule’.

There are a few others out there also, ‘BigTalker’ and Media ‘Renderer Events’ (think this one does mp3’s). Each has it merits of course and I do use them for other things occasionally.

With all of these I have found that it can take several minutes for the notifications to settle down on the Sonos Speakers so if you get any cut off messages just wait a minute or so and test again, second or third try they come through perfectly. May just be my setup though as I have them going across different networks here…

Again, let me know if you get stuck or cannot find the SmartApps on here as I have played with all of them :grin:

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Hi @chippie thanks for the help! Finally got it working but there’s a delay with the notification sound, the loging error is below, Have you come across this?

09:42:13: info delayed message is now playing
09:42:07: error message is already playing, delaying new message by 5.993 seconds (raw delay = 4.0, elapsed time = 0.007)
09:42:07: debug sendNotificationEvent sent to 3rd party as Test was active
09:42:07: info processing eTxt = Front Doorbell is pushed

Hi James,

Which app are you using? There will always be a delay of course but mine is ~2 seconds and I do not have any errors. There is an option to actually set a delay in the settings, could you have done this by accident? Also was there anything playing on the speaker at the time? Failing that post on the actual App thread, this is a little above my knowledge tbh.

However, let it settle down a little and try again, this may just be the initial few requests, I have found that after several minutes things work more smoothly but this may simply be my setup of course.

Thanks @chippie!

I know I’m missing something that should be obvious, but can you tell me how to get even those simple tones through ST to Sonos? I just bought the Ring 2 today and can’t find the path. Thanks!