[Virtual devices] Cannot create virtual devices using "SmartThings Labs"

Not entirely sure why I was sent here from the members app. But I still have the matinace banner and can’t even make virtual switches. Is it still under maintenance or is the feature DOA?

Hi, @Mystralhadodan
Can you share a screenshot of that banner, please? I don’t think this thread is related to your issue.

If i am correct it is the banner in the Android device, Labs section which used to have the (create virtual device) option, currently the option to create a virtual device is still missing
Has the re activation of the virtual switch been over looked or is it simply not ready yet ? Either way the banner requires updating


See attached screenshot, and that’s what I thought when I was sent here from members. @nayelyz

Sorry for the delay. It seems that tool is still under maintenance, but you can use the Advanced users app to create new virtual devices: