Please help, I deleted virtual switch creator and the community installer

ok, so i screwed up and accidentally deleted the “virtual switch creator” tab from the automations section in the app. then after i couldnt figure out how to get it back, i intentionally deleted the tonesto7 community installer thinking i could load it again and the virtual creator would then be available. Im pretty sure i screwed up a bunch of automations and custom handlers. I know nothing about coding but can copy and paste with the best of them. I dont know if the virtual creator came with the community installer but i have created virtual switches previously. I looked at youtube videos where some said the virtual creator should be under labs but i cant find it.
Now after following videos to install the community installer, it also is not in the smartthings app.
Please if you decide to help, and have the time, please explain as if i’m Jon Snow and know nothing!

It is a good time to start over. Your old virtual devices and community installer are on the old Groovy platform that will be retired soon. Possible by the end of September.

The attached shows a couple ways to create new Virtual Edge Devices including switches. Basically you follow one of the attached links, subscribe to that person’s driver and you can easily create virtual devices from your mobile app. These are part of the new system and will continue to work after the transition.


Thanks Paul. exactly what i needed. I guess the pending retirement is the reason nothing would re install. Off to do some reading up on edge drivers . Thanks again

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