Virtual Device Types in Smart Apps testing

hello all, new to smart things and excited to get started and be a part of the community!

I’m writing a SmartApp that makes use of a custom device type I’ve found in the community for the MyQ garage door controllers. The devicetype uses the switch capability. What I’m wondering, is if its possible in any way to use the Virtual Device Type while testing the SmartApp itself.

Obviously when testing the DeviceType, it runs in a Virtual mode, however, when I’m working with the SmartApp, the only choices I have are the physical Garage Doors I have installed, or it provides a virtual switch… but the basic virtual switch does not contain all the commands that the garage door device type has, so I can’t fully test it out as it only contains on/off and doesn’t have some of the other commands implemented in the device type such as poll or refresh. I may be going about this the wrong way and would appreciate any insight as I get more familiar with this… My overall goal here is to continue to be able to test my SmartApp without having my actual garage doors open and close and continue to anger my wife :smile:

Thanks in advance !!