IDE Simulator Full Capabilities Support

When will there be support in the Simulator for every capability type? How are we (as developers) expected to be able to write a fully-fledged smartApp with as much support as possible, if we can’t test loads of the capabilities!


You’ll save yourself a lot of headaches if you install the SmartApp and test it with real or virtual devices instead of using the simulator.

The simulator is buggy and at some point you’ll most likely end up wasting time trying to troubleshoot bugs that are caused by the simulator and not your code.

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Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the response. How do I set up Virtual Devices? I wasn’t actually aware this functionality existed, awesome!


If you go to the My Devices screen of the IDE there’s an option for New Device.

The Zigbee ID and Group fields can be left blank. The Device Network ID can be anything, but it needs to be unique. I usually use something like VirtualMotionSensor1, VirtualPresenceSensor1, etc.

For the Type, you can select the ones that start with Simulated. If you’re trying to test a capability that doesn’t already have a simulated device handler, it’s not that difficult to create a new device handler by modifying one of the existing simulated device handlers.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks. I’ve managed to set up most of the ‘Simulated’ types. I’ve actually written device handlers for every current capability! It’s just a shame there is still no way to test those capabilities that either can’t be simulated in the IDE or by using virtual devices.

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You can, but it requires adding commands and tiles to an existing DTH that allow you to manual execute the methods that are usually triggered by the device.

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I see, thanks for your help :slight_smile: