[OBSOLETE] Virtual Device Manager

VDM is a SmartApp that allows you to create virtual devices without needing to interact with the SmartThings web IDE.

It currently creates devices of types “On/Off Switch Tile” and “Momentary Button Tile”, but adding future virtual device capability should be trivial if there’s anything out there with enough demand.

You’ll need to publish each of the above device types for yourself. (New Device Type → From Template → Select Device → Save → Publish For Me). Once done, install the apps below and you’re off to the races!

To install the SmartApps, simply copy and paste the code into the IDE. For the parent app, you’ll need to both “Save” and “Publish->For Me”. The child app can simply be saved. Then, install the “Virtual Device Manager” via your SmartThings mobile app as you would for any other new SmartApp.

Parent app (install first):

Child app to create switches:

Standard disclaimers apply. This app will probably eat your homework. It will likely decide not to work when you most depend upon it. It is subject to the whims of the platform upon which it runs and the developers thereof. It is known to the state of California to cause cancer.


Well good that I am not in CA (Smile)

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cant install the 2nd child app

physicalgraph.app.exception.UnknownDeviceTypeException: Device type ‘null’ in namespace ‘smartthings’ not found. @ line 78

It sounds like you don’t have the “Momentary Button Tile” and “On/Off Button Tile” self-published.

  • Log in to https://graph.api.smartthings.com
  • Click “My Device Types”
  • Click “New Device Type”
  • Click “From Template”
  • Click “Momentary Button Tile”
  • Click “Create”
  • Click “Save”
  • Click “Publish -> For Me”

Repeat for “On/Off Button Tile”.

OK That error went away but still cannot install the child app getting an unexpected error. Nothing showing in logs.

you don’t install the child app directly, the parent installs it.

Duh. Got it working Thanks

Great minds think alike again, apparently. :sunglasses:

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(and I’m saving this to prove to my wife that I do, in fact, have a great mind!)

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@btk - I shall also use this coincidence as conclusive, demonstrative proof of my brilliance. :sunglasses:


Will either of these apps also remove the virtual switches if you decide you no longer need them?

Yep. It’s just like uninstalling a child rule in Smart Lighting. You just want to make sure you go into the child device before hitting “uninstall”. Doing so on the list of child devices will uninstall the entire app.

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Yup at least this version of i you can. 1st thing I tested. :smile:

Yes. SwitchMania will remove the virtual switches (and / or the links to Routines) if you decide you no longer need them.


Just to pass this on… On Android App. When I access the parent app then click the plus… It just crashes the app and cycles it back up again… Any ideas?

Nope, I’m an iOS user. There have been a lot of reports of odd behavior with the Android app lately, though. I don’t think I’m doing anything non-standard. Try the SwitchMania app and report back if it works. If it does, I can compare code to see what’s going on.

Ok it looks like this one actually works for the switch creation - However I’m having trouble installing the 3rd (2nd child app). about to report the error on that thread.

I can confirm that I can’t install child apps on android, just crashes. But I can via iOS, no crashing.

I have no problems on Android 2.0.7 creating SmartTiles Child SmartApps (from SmartTiles (Connect) parent).

I don’t have a problem on android in Smart Tiles either. I just meant on the VDM Manager.

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