Best way to test a smartapp?

I’m using the new devleopment portal and want to test my smartapp.

In the previous portal ,there was a testing feature. What would be the appropriate way now?

Hi @Harry312! Welcome to the Community! with new development portal you mean: SmartThings Workspace.
If so, when you create a new SmartApp, you can after doing the setup, deploy to test, so it will be available for your device to install it and test it.
Once you deploy it to test:
1.- Enable the developer mode in your SmartThings App
2.- Go to Add (+ at the top-right corner) -> SmartApp.
3.- At the bottom of the list your own SmartApps will be shown.

I hope this helps, let us know how it goes!

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Well I’d like to have some sort of emulated device to test my app on-demand, the old interface had this, how is this achived in this new interface?

Hi @giskeimel , The previous dev portal allowed you to test your smartapp directly on the portal with an emulated device/events. How can I achieve this now? It’s not realistic to test on my devices.

Hello @Harry312,

You can use IDE to create virtual devices, this will allow you to select them on the configuration page of the SmartApp.

Remember that the behavior of a virtual device is not 100% identical to the real one.