Virtual Device Disconnected - Reconnect?

So I’m new to the Smartthings ecosystem. I have been connecting my various devices and hit my first stumbling block. I had created a virtual switch via the IDE but when I was trying to connect an outlet I lost it. I had to set my hub in general device exclusion in order to remove the outlet and then connect it.

So I’m thinking that my virtual switch was excluded or removed but I don’t know how to reconnect it to the hub. One of the reasons that I think this is what happened is that I can’t just make a new virtual switch using the same device network ID. It gives me an error and I think that is likely because that device network ID is still in use, just not currently connected. Or is it gone and I should just consider that network ID unavailable from now on?

(I did try to search the forum first, and I saw a few similar posts, but nothing that answered my question exactly. My apologies if this is a duplicate)



I couldn’t find the device in the iOS app anywhere. In the IDE, I also couldn’t find it. However, when I made a new virtual switch with a different device network ID, I noticed that in IFTTT I ended up with two of the same switch names and I couldn’t remove it. When I went to the IFTTT smartapp it the original switch didn’t show up to uncheck…

So eventually I went to the IDE and when I went to my hub I found all of my devices. It showed REMOVED. When I clicked on the device it gave me the option to update the device. Once I did that I still couldn’t delete it because it said it was still in use on a dashboard or app.

I had to go back into the iOS app and in marketplace it now showed 1 device not yet configured. Once I reconnected it then I had full control over it again. I was able to remove it from IFTTT and then delete the device totally. I only did that because I had already re-written all my IFTTT rules and lighting rules with the new switch. Now I know that I can just go to the hub, update it, then reconnect it from the iOS app…

Well that didn’t work… It shows up in my hub again and was still giving me an error when I tried to delete it. I could see that IFTTT said it was still using it, but even when I unchecked it and didn’t authorize it in IFTTT it still showed as being used by IFTTT. I ended up having to remove the IFTTT app and then it allowed me to delete the devices. But when I reauthorized IFTTT the switch still shows up… Definitely a learning curve with this… :smile: