Deleted devices keep reappearing

I moved all of my Zigbee and Zwave devices over to Home Assistant a few months ago. But I have 5 Zigbee bulbs and 4 virtual switches that keep showing back up in SmartThings even though I have deleted them multiple times. None of these devices actually function, and will throw an error “Couldn’t get device status” when opening them in the app.

I’ve made sure all devices have been removed from any smart apps (ActionTiles, Webcore, etc) but that doesn’t seem to have helped any. And the app automatically removed any associated automations and scenes when deleting the devices the first time.

I do still have a couple of TVs in SmartThings, which is why I’m keeping it around. I do also still have my v2 hub running, but nothing is paired to it.

Since I integrate SmartThings into Home Assistant, I end up with duplicate devices coming from SmartThings which are annoying to deal with.

Brand/model of the zigbee bulbs?

How did you create the virtual devices? If you used one of the new Edge Drivers to create them… you would need to remove them from the creator so they will not continue to be added back.

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I’ve had one deleted device show up in ST when i was adding it to my Ikea Dirigera hub (ST hub & app was not in pairing mode)

Well, they’re Sengled RGB bulbs, but they’re not paired to SmartThings anymore so not sure how relevant it is. These bulbs are still in the house, but they’re successfully paired to Home Assistant.

I think the virtual switches were made using Labs but I honestly don’t remember for sure anymore.

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I had the same problem. 2 different device I deleted several times kept repearing in the app. The last time I deleted them I noticed they were still present in IDE, so I deleted them from the IDE rather than the app and they haven’t come back since.

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@JDRoberts i believe there is a setting on the hub ide that when a device drops you can either let it rejoin or not.

There is an “allow zigbee insecure rejoin” option, but that’s a security level thing, it shouldn’t cause the Behaviour being described.

I agree the virtual devices might have to do with the creator settings on a particular edge driver.

For the zigbee bulbs, that sounds like an issue with the ST architecture, maybe something deleted from the cloud is not deleted from the hub, or vice versa.

I would report the reappearing Sengled bulb to support and see if they can see anything from their side.

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Had anyone read my post above, you would see the solution to this question. The device is not being deleted from IDE when deleted in the app… Therefore it is coming back into the app.

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

I went in to the Labs and deleted the virtual switches from there.

For the bulbs, I logged in to the SmartThings website (the one that looks kinda like the app) and deleted them. Note I tried to log in to the IDE but was having trouble and eventually got reflected to the other website.

I’ll check back in a few days to see if the deletions stuck this time.


I’m assuming the dupes in HA were the reappearing lamps?

Yep, the dupes in HA were the bulbs that kept reappearing.

Quick update: After deleting the virtual switches through the Labs, they’ve stayed gone. As for the bulbs: 2 of the bulbs re-appeared. This time, I went into the actual IDE and removed them, so we’ll see if it sticks this time.

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