Virtual/custom devices no longer available in automations and scenes

My scenes and automations no longer work with any of my virtual devices or real devices that use custom device handlers. These devices list ‘unknown condition’ on existing automations and scenes. If I remove the device and attempt to readd it, none of these devices even show up to select from. Is anyone else having this issue?

Android or iOS? My devices with custom DTH still show fine in the automation creator on iOS.

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iOS. These all broke for me within the last week. No idea how to fix it. I sure hope I don’t have to remove all of my devices and reset the thing. That would take so long to set up again.

I thought mine were gone, too… but they appeared again after about 10 mins. It probably has something to do with the recent app updates. I suggest you try and be patient before you make major changes.

I seem to be fine on Android too, touch wood.

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