[Vimar] user in italy?

Continuing the discussion from [Vimar Switch a lot of disconnections] and breack of the zigbee mesh network in Italy:
my curiosity, are there vimar users outside of Italy? It seems to me that only in Italy many people have these problems, if outside everyone it occurs to me that no one uses vimar abroad, perhaps these devices are not even available for switches in other countries.

In the UK, I am only familiar with the name because it has cropped up on this forum and elsewhere when users in Italy have had issues. The products seem to be available here but the impression I get is that they are seen as high quality, high end products that are used for bespoke projects like hotels, architect built houses and yachts. Not something that end users are so likely to come across.

Instead in Italy it is widespread in the residential area. The headquarters of the company is in the province of Vicenza, close to where I live, but I had guessed that they were not widespread outside Italy. Also the big problem is that they are betting on Bluetooth and using their bridge to use it, and the same switch can work in zigbee, but it seems they haven’t invested enough in this, and there is no support for smartthings, only support. basic . It is really a shame because they are very well built and with a single device, you get the button and the smart relay, without having to insert a fibaro for example inside the wall. Thanks for your information.