[Vimar Switch a lot of disconnections] and breack of the zigbee mesh network in Italy

Good morning,
in Italy we have many problems with disconnecting Vimar switches (14 users out of 46 users who use Vimar and who answered the question in our Facebook group).
Everyone has noticed this problem since we deleted some devices to convert them to Edge.
Surely we have ruined the mesh network by doing so, but we didn’t think that even after days, restarting the router, restarting the Hub or prolonged shutdown of the hub and then restarted, the problems remained. I am now in the third week where over half of my vimars are disconnected. If I try to reconnect some of them, after a few minutes others disconnect and so on this game continues indefinitely. If I don’t make any changes, sometimes someone appears alone, and someone else disconnects, without logic. Everyone shows that this problem started with the disconnection of a couple of vimars, which probably acted as a repeater for the zigbee mech network.
Do you think this could be a problem related to groovy closing? I don’t think so, but I ask for the sake of it.
For me it is the third time this has happened to me, last time I changed hub, now I have the new aeotec one, so I doubt it is due to a malfunction of the hub.
I don’t know what to think or what solutions to try.

Having had no answer, I think that vimar are used only in Italy :blush:. After a month of trying, everything seems to be back ok. :crossed_fingers: