Viewable presence in the new app

Using a presence sensor that was at the location and then simply changing the geofence to test it proved successful. It works perfectly.

Can you clarify the best way too change the geofence, do you use the app or the web interface (My Locations)?


In the new app, click on More (three dots in the upper right of the screen) and select Manage Location.

Thanks, so best to use the App and then move around the Geolocation ‘bubble’ and then Save the settings? I’m wondering if this has an immediate impact on pistons etc., I guess it must?

I am not sure if that would work.

I’m lost, didn’t you say it worked perfectly above, just wondering if I’m missing something… I did test it but my phone is still reporting as not present and I’m trying to figure out why my iPhone thinks it’s somewhere else (probably like my head!)!