Viewable presence in the new app

“Josh” is the simulated presence sensor.

Unfortunately, they have also nuked Life360 integration.

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Last I heard Lide 360 was working fine. it can’t be added in the new app, but once added in Classic it should show up in the new app.

some users have been reporting recently that you can’t select a place (greyed out) when setting up life360 in the classic app


classic app is gone in a few days tho right?

@JKB121 - this was amazing! Thank you for posting all that. I had never used WebCore before either, but it was all straightforward and seems to be working perfectly. Thanks!

I found that the “stock” L360 implementation didn’t work well with timely updates, so I removed and reinstalled using TMLeaf’s L360 Connect app. Added the DH and app in the IDE and then configured in the new app. So I think solves the issue of not being able to add via the new app.

Justin’s vid on how to install:


I had that issue as well. I can’t remember which one worked, but I switched from adding the place via the app to adding via the web, or vice-versa. Once I removed and re-added via the other technique, I was able to select the place in ST.

Random question but should mobile presence sensor (my phone) show in the IDE as placeholder or mobile presence?

Right now, depends if you use iOS or Android

Fantastic! I was surprised how easy it was. Thanks for this contribution, it’s much appreciated.