Video Monitoring - V2 Hub - Intergration with existing camera systems

That’s great to hear. Opening up RSTP integration to developers would be great.

I’ve got a Ubiquity surveillance system I want to get integrated with ST.


Any chance of a one time fee to allow local storage for recordings rather than being stuck with the cloud option?

Silly question. What would happen when/if RSTP integration were to be opened up to developers?

Hoping RSTP integration opens up Blink integration!


I would also love to connect this to my existing unifi cameras!

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You will not get lucky!

Currently if you buy any D-Link models that is not whitelisted on that FAQ page Kris pointed out you won’t be able to pair it with SmartThings. This is because D-Link puts a specific NIPCA version API on their line of cameras.

Our Device Type handler and Connect app relies on the contract of a specific version of APIs for camera WiFi setup, resolution profile configuration, password configuration, RTSP stream configuration and all the other bells & whistles.

The reason behind going for this line of support is that we cover a good range of cameras. You have the Indoor / Outdoor WiFi cameras, the more advanced features of the Pan/Tilt camera (although we haven’t implemented the APIs yet).


Jack, I liked your post, because your response is awesome and extremely informative. But I also dislike your response, because you slashed all my hopes. Please excuse me while I wipe my tears of sadness from my keyboard.

That being said. Any hope for Foscam/lower end camera support? If so any idea of support roll out? I ask because I’d like to finally jump on the camera band wagon and I’m willing to wait a few more months if that means I could potentially save hundreds of dollars.

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@Tyler By when do you think the API and samples will be made available to the community?

Also what are the chances for MJPEG or MP4 streaming support coming up?

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Is dropcam going to be supported for video monitoring? Or is it going wayside like official nest integration!

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I would hope the Dropcam gets support. The only reason I bought it is because of its initial integration with Smartthings. Does anyone know of a reason Dropcam could not be compatible?


Another vote for rtsp

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Sounds like Dropcam (Nestcam) is dead.

I was in the same boat purchasing Dropcam because it integrated with SmartThings. I feel your pain.

That sucks! All of the supported cameras get terrible reviews. Thanks for the info!

I have dozens of Ethernet security cameras from 2008, and they all support RTSP feeds… there are dozens of iphone apps that support RTSP, its very cool.

When I heard smartthings was going to support video. the first thing that came to mind was RTSP…



They said they were going to open up RTSP to the community after Smart Home Monitor video goes out of beta. They are focused on getting the supporting models working and getting the bugs worked out first, which makes sense.

Does anybody out there actually own any of the supported cameras? I would really like to get honest feedback before I invest in another camera. Thanks!

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And a Vote for Drop cam as I have 3 now working in two places. The only reason I bought it is because of its initial integration with SmartThings. The drop cam works with the new APP as it did with the old one and if that continues with the 2 new Hubs I have coming that would be good.


@drake0508 @Boatman

We are waiting for Nest to release the new API for Nestcam which is backward compatible with the Dropcams. Once they release the new API we can start to support these devices again.


Cool. So I can hold off from going out and buying a different camera then. That’s all I wanted to know. Wasn’t looking forward to any of the supported cameras based on user reviews.

Will there be any sport for POE cameras? That is really what I am after.

Am I understanding it correctly that if you don’t have a listed supported camera that there is no video support (via monitoring service or otherwise)?