Video Clip not playing - Android App



I just set up a D-Link DCS-2330L camera and set it up in ST.

I can view live feeds via the Android ST app fine.

I set up recording events when a door is opened, and the video appears to be recording. However, when I go to view the video clip in SHM, the clip appears to be playing, but I don’t see anything (other than the Play button). The seconds for the clip are increasing as if it is playing, but again, I’m not seeing any video.

Also, there are no videos showing under Things/Camera. (Recently only shows notifications as to when the camera was offline/back online).

Am I missing something? How/where can I view the clips that were saved via ST?



New clips saved started working correctly. No idea why the clips from yesterday had the issue…

(Rolph Muller) #3

I’m about to get one. Will it record to the SD card, or only to the cloud. And is clip viewing straighforward from the card? Thanks!



The Dlink camera will save to its internal SD card when it detects motion. ST, however, only saves to the cloud as far as I know. Also, I don’t believe they have enabled functionality to download recorded clips.

Right now as far as ST goes, you can either watch live video through the app or set SHM to record in certain conditions. When those clips are recorded, you can watch via SHM but once you clear the alerts the video is gone.

All of the above is based on my experience.