SHM History Videos stuck in 'Clip Generating'

I’m using the official Smartthings Dlink camera driver - as well as the other Blebson driver - but in SHM it never gets past ‘Clip Generating’ on history tab

Has anyone ever got it to capture the video, after an event, and then been able to view them ??

It does say its in Beta, but we can enjoy it for the time being - perhaps its a US platform thing only ??


Which device do you have linked to SHM? My custom DTH will not work with the SHM clip recording.

OK - well that explains that then - although I also added a 5222L using the native ST drivers, and that was the same - so SHM clip recording won’t work on non-native cameras then ?

It only works using the SmartThings official integration. If you set up SHM to use the device added by the official integration then it should work.